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Guest Post: My experience working with BI as an NHS Fellow

Fran Lowery
Fran Lowery

I am currently employed by the NHS working as a Cancer Services Manager at Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation NHS Trust (RDEFT) in Exeter. I was seeking a leadership development opportunity and applied for a 1-year NHS Fellow post with BI through the NHS Leadership Academy. Following a successful interview I started working with BI two days per week from 1 July, starting a fantastic opportunity to work with pharma to benefit patients and develop my leadership skills.

Over the past two months I have been warmly welcomed into BI by a variety of teams including the Brand Managers, Account Managers, training team, Public Affairs & Patient Advocacy and Market Access, Pricing and Outcomes Research. I have met a wide range of staff to discuss and understand the issues which BI faces, and offer advice or information aiming to help from an NHS viewpoint. I’ve been involved with a number of really interesting pieces of detailed work. This has included reviewing the commissioning process for one of BI’s medicines which is due to be launched soon. I have also being involved with service improvement days to review the business planning process. Taking the opportunity to review strategic documents and comment on them from an NHS perspective has been useful to try to help to align the language used by the NHS with BI.

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