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Dealing with Change

JLXDNN5BNEAs the world’s largest family owned pharmaceutical company, Boehringer Ingelheim has been committed to developing innovative medicines since 1885 and as the market has changed, so have we.

We have implemented models into our business that mean we are equipped to cope with the rapid changes in the external environment of the pharmaceutical industry in 2015 and for the years ahead. For example, we are reshaping the way we work with important NHS customers through Account Management – with the focus being on how we work together with them as partners. The well-structured change processes we have in place will help and support all employees to better understand BI culture, values and vision.

Part of that vision comes from what sets us apart from the rest of many other players in the industry. Our driving force is not to please the Square Mile or Wall Street but to fulfil our pledge to improve people’s lives across the globe.

Let me just highlight three projects that give a glimpse into how we are trying to make good on that pledge. Continue reading Dealing with Change

The Changing Face of Pharmaceutical Sales

Anna Race
Anna Race

The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly changing. Our customers and the economic environment are changing. Our family owned structure has allowed us the flexibility to invest over many years in new medicines, our people and our business.

But as we see the pace of change accelerating, we have to prepare ourselves to be successful in the future.

So, as we begin to work differently with our partners in the NHS (see for example our guest post from Fran, our NHS Leadership Fellow), we also need to think differently about the roles our own people do. For example, we are now focussing on the work of the ‘Key Account Manager’. Continue reading The Changing Face of Pharmaceutical Sales