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Guest Post: Making More Health: a Fellow’s Story

Krystian Fikert
Krystian Fikert

As the founder and CEO of MyMind, and an Irish Ashoka fellow, I have been extremely grateful for the support provided by Boehringer Ingelheim under their Making More Health and Change Nation initiatives. BI’s commitment to social responsibility has helped MyMind to deliver on its mission of pioneering a new and sustainable model of community based and online mental health services that are accessible and affordable to everyone. MyMind’s social enterprise model uses the revenue generated by clients who are able to afford counselling and psychotherapy services to support reduced fees for those who are unemployed or full time students.

In 2012, Boehringer Ingelheim first recognised our innovative business model and began to assess how they could support our work. After identifying business development as an area that MyMind was under-resourced in, BI committed to providing us with a marketing executive-in-residence for 6 months. Rather than providing a once-off support that would not have a lasting impact, BI identified our limited business developm
ent expertise as an area where they could have a significant strategic influence. Thalita Guimaraes, a marketing executive from Boehringer Ingelheim Brazil, was nominated as an executive in residence for MyMind, and spent 6 months in our Dublin headquarters developing a business plan that formalised MyMind’s targets and projections. Due to the success of this venture, all following shared entreprises between BI and MyMind have incorporated BI’s strengths and capabilities with our strategic objectives.

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