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Stay Well This Winter Dr Jas Kalsi’s Top 5 Tips for protecting your health over the winter months

What can you do to improve your health over the winter?

We want to show our support for the NHS Stay Well This Winter campaign. We believe that everyone should take responsibility over the winter to look after themselves and their loved ones, by making simple changes to their lifestyles.

Here are some helpful tips to help you stay healthy over the winter months, most of which are fairly easy to do!

Dr Jas Kalsi’s top 5 tips for winter health:

  1. Have a flu jab – Call into your local pharmacy to see if you are eligible for a free NHS flu jab. Even if you are not eligible they are available for around £10 and can help protect you against the flu – Money well spent! Your pharmacist is a trained healthcare professional and can also provide you with helpful tips and advice if you are unwell over the Christmas period. They are only round the corner and you don’t need to book an appointment!
  2. Keep warm – Try to keep your home at a minimum of 18° This is particularly important for elderly people or young children. Extend your Christmas goodwill to your elderly neighbours. Try to check in on them over the winter, make sure they are warm and well. You’ll both feel better for it.
  3. Maintain a healthy diet – A balanced diet, with a colourful plate full of fresh fruit and vegetables will provide vitamins such as Vitamin C to support the immune system. Did you know…Peppers also contain vitamin C, it’s not just citrus fruits! You can also consider adding a multivitamin supplement to your diet during the winter months.
  4. Look after your gut – We all love to treat ourselves to an extra mince pie or glass of wine, but remember overindulging can cause a strain on your digestive system. If you are experiencing digestive problems, your pharmacist can recommend a suitable product to help you get back to your normal self.
  5. Don’t stop exercising just because it’s cold outside – Try and do four sessions of activity each week to increase your heart rate. Even a walk in the park counts and you’ll soon warm up. You can even practice your dance moves for the Christmas party! Over time, you should also feel fitter and you may even drop a few excess pounds.

We hope you have found these tips helpful and we wish you a happy and healthy Christmas and a peaceful new year.

Download Dr Jas Kalsi’s top 5 tips here!